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Custom Phone Protectors & Custom Phone Covers

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Phone Protectors & Custom Phone Covers

Cell phone skins and cell phone cases are crucial phone protectors that help maintain a good working and great looking cell phone. This is also true for your PDA, tablet or laptop; which can be protected buy unique custom skins and cases.

In addition to protecting your mobile phone, custom phone protectors make a visual statement about you. Customized phone covers say a lot about the owner. For example, a custom photo phone skin can show everyone you have close family ties or you are a dog lover.

You have spent a lot of money on your cell phone, PDA, tablet, music player, game console & laptop and you want it to last a long time and look nice. Your mobile electronic device is a tool that you depend on, use hard and frequently. Protecting your mobile device from the elements and accidental damage is the first crucial step in maintaining a good working personal electronic device.

Let’s look at Custom Phone Protectors, available for your most used mobile device, your cell phone.

What is a cell phone skin?

A phone protector, cell phone skin, is a thin custom fit vinyl material attached directly to your cell phone using semi-permanent glue.
  • Skins are manufactured to strict tolerances for each device.
  • Your custom design is digitally printed on a thin vinyl film and covered with a clear scratch resistant coating.
  • Skins are available in many different textures and finishes.
  • Skins add virtually no weight or bulk the device.
  • The adhesive is easy to use, and the skin can be repositioned if needed.
  • When removed, the skin comes clean with no residue. The skin cannot be reused.

For more detailed information about phone skins; to go Custom Phone Skins.

Textured football phone skin (back only).
Phone protector - Invisible full phone skin.
Invisible full phone skin.

Phone Covers - Textured football phone skin (back only).

Phone Covers - Fitted silicone case
Fitted silicone case

What are cell phone cases, pouches and holsters?

A cell phone case is placed on the device and the cell phone is easily separated from the case. A cell phone pouch or holster (both are also called carrying cases) is a great way to carry and protect your phone. Pouches and holsters require the phone to be removed from the pouch or holster to be used.
  • Cases provide added protection from the elements and accidental damage.
  • Cases are installed on the device in a somewhat permanent manner. For example, a “Silicone Skin” case is installed on a cell phone by stretching it over the phone.
  • Holsters and pouches are equipped with belt clips providing convenient access to the cell phone.
  • Some holsters and pouches have removable belt clips making them suitable for pocket or purse.

For more detailed information about phone cases, pouches and holsters: to go Custom Phone Cases.
Phone Covers - Case hard shell
Phone Case - hard shell

Phone carrying case - Holster phone snaps in.
Holster - phone snaps in.
Phone carrying case - Holster phone slides in.
Holster - phone slides in.
Phone carrying case - Horizontal positioned phone pouch
Horizontal positioned phone pouch.

For a multi-purpose cell phone case that also aids in the recharging of your cell phones, consider the Duracell myGrid phone sleeve. For more information go to Duracell myGrid Accessories.

The best way to protect your cell phone is to use both a cell phone skin and a cell phone carrying case. The skin protects the phone from scratches when placed in your pocket or purse. A handy carrying case (pouch style for example) is more convenient to use and adds additional protection form accidental bumps when worn on the belt.

Today skins and cases are available for thousands of mobile electronic devises as well as larger laptop computers and game consoles.

Laptop computers, game consoles and controllers can be personalized with custom skins attached directly to the unit. Carrying cases for larger items like laptops are generally a soft side briefcase style. Some fitted “silicone gel” cases are also available.

Top Cell Phone Accessory Websites

Below is a table of top cell phone accessory websites offering custom phone covers. These websites are not able to customize or personalize phone covers. For a list of websites specializing in customizing and personalizing phone covers,
go to:

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below to view the
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