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Custom Phone Protectors & Custom Phone Cases

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Custom Phone Cases

Phone Cases, Pouches, Holsters and Carrying Cases

Cell phone cases - Wallet style leather case for Apple iPhone 4.
Wallet style leather case
for Apple iPhone 4.

Let us start out by defining what are a Phone Case, Pouch, Holster and Carrying Case.

Cell phone cases are placed on the phone and the cell phone is easily separated from the case. Common cases are:
  • Soft leather
  • Silicone (or similar material) based cases that stretch over the phone.
  • Hard shell cases which snap on the phone.
Many hard cases can be personalized with photos and artwork, while the softer materials cannot.

Some manufacturers infuse their cases with Microban®, the industry leader in antimicrobial product protection.

A cell phone pouch or holster is a “phone carrying case” generally attached to a belt and the phone is placed inside for convenient access. Pouches and holsters require the phone to be removed from the pouch or holster to be used. The term “carrying case” will be used for the remainder of this webpage, when referring to both the phone pouch and the phone holster.

Carrying cases come in thousands of styles but options to personalize them are not available.
Cell phone cases - Silicone based case made with Microban®.
Silicone based case made
with Microban®.

Custom Phone Cases

Cell phone cases come in may shapes and styles. Some are hard shell cases that protect the phone from scratches and add increased protection against dents. Others are softer cases made of leather, silicone or other materials that add a layer of padding to the phone as protection against shock.

Generally, only the hard shell cases can be personalized with photos and/or text.

Some very thin hard shell cases may be used in conjunction with carrying cases for added convenience and protection.

Example of hard cell phone case customized with a photo.

Custom phone cases - Example of hard cell phone case customized with a photo.

Top Websites Featuring Custom Phone Cases

Below is a table of top custom phone case websites offering mobile phone covers. These websites offer customizable phone covers. For a list of websites specializing in phone carrying cases and phone holsters, go to Top Cell Phone Accessory Websites.

Click the links

below to view the
WW Y Y Y Y N N L L Y N N Phones
N N N N N Y N Y Readers
WW Y Y Y Y Y N L N Y Y N Sports
CA Y Y N Y N N N Y Y Y Y Apple

WW = World Wide manufacturers
L = Limited number or varies by device
R = Readers only

Phone pouches - Vertical style cell phone pouch with popular sports logo.
Fig. 1 Vertical Pouch

Phone Carrying Case, Pouch vs. Holster

The difference between a phone pouch and a phone holster is that a cell phone is placed inside a pouch and the pouch is fastened shut with a snap, zipper, Velcro or other means. The phone is secure and protected from the elements. The pouch is ideal for persons not receiving many calls or someone using a Bluetooth device paired to their phone.


Figures 1 and 2  are examples of two popular cell phone pouches. While these pouches are designed for a fixed orientation (because of the logo), some pouches have a ratcheting belt clip for both horizontal and vertical display.

Pouches can be found with most common logos but cannot be personalized.

Pros: A Pouch is more secure, provides greater protection from minor abuse, loss and the elements.
Cons: A Pouch must be unfastened to access the phone.

Phone pouches - Horizontal style cell phone pouch with popular sports logo.
Fig. 2 Horizontal Pouch


A holster holds the cell phone in a manner that does not require a person to open a security flap. The phone is clipped or slipped into the holster and is generally exposed to the elements. A holster is ideal for someone working in a controlled environment, receiving many calls and needing quick easy access to their phone.

Pros: A Holster provides fast easy access to the phone.
Cons: The cell phone is more susceptible to loss, damage, and the elements.
Phone holsters - Leather cell phone holster.
Phone holster

Phone Carrying Case Construction

Pouch Materials

Carrying cases are constructed using many different materials. The materials include but are not limited to Leather, Plastic, Neoprene, Nylon, Hydro foam. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, which need consideration when selecting a phone carrying case. The work environment should dictate the construction materials.

NOTE: Regardless of the material used, verify that the interior of the carrying case has a soft lining that will not scratch the cell phone.

Phone holsters - Holster with ratchet belt clip.

Belt Clip Styles and Options

Find the belt clip that best suits your needs. Belt clip styles include swivel, ratcheting, spring loaded, and removable clips. The most versatile clips are the ratcheting removable clips. The carrying case can be positioned in the vertical or horizontal positions when placed on a belt or purse. With the spring clip removed, the carrying case easily slips into a pocket or purse.

Example of ratchet belt clip.

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